Our Beginnings

Unfailing Love Ministries is a non-profit organization, which was started in 2003 for the purpose of touching lives with the love of God. Our vision is to bring love, hope, restoration, purpose, and fulfilled destiny to every person that walks through the doors of our ministry. Every life is important to God, and we desire to recognize and affirm in the heart of each person that their life is valuable and precious to Him. Our vision is to build “A Place of Embrace.” Although our mission is simple, it is profound in its implications. The love of God is the most powerful force in the earth – through His love working in our hearts, we invite every person, every child, to be transformed by His love so that they can walk in His power and presence and become equipped to make a difference. We started with meetings on Saturdays in which we worshipped God, preached the Word, provided a meal and distributed clothing to everyone who came. These meetings were filled with God’s anointing, and the numbers of people who came from all over Asbury Park and the surrounding areas to be touched by God’s love increased. As the numbers grew, the burden in our hearts to minister to them also grew. Thus, we made a decision in October 2008 to launch Unfailing Love Fellowship and to pastor God’s precious people in the Monmouth County area full-time. Our faithful God has anointed our Sunday morning services with His love and a powerful flow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These fellowship meetings have been overflowing with the fruit of lives changing in every area – spiritually, emotionally, and in all the practical areas of life as well. God knows how to provide for His children! As we move forward, we envision a ministry filled with love that manifests in the establishment of programs and activities that will pull kids off the streets. We plan to create recreation programs, such as a music school, performing arts school, bible school and more. In fact, we currently offer some of these programs and will continue to add more as we grow. In addition, we sponsor theater performances, concerts, and recreation days for the children to just laugh and have some fun! We will continue to meet the physical needs of people in the poorest communities by distributing clothing and food – the possibilities are endless! We take seriously the words that Jesus spoke in Matthew 25:40: “I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was Me-you did it to Me.” Our greatest desire is to minister to the Lord through ministering to His loved ones. We invite you to jump into the love of God with us as we all come together to continue to build and increase our “Place of Embrace.” God is moving mightily by His spirit and we are witnessing the changes caused by His glorious presence among us! Together we believe that we can move into our appointed place of destiny in God’s Kingdom! Much love and many blessings!