Women’s Conference

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…consists of Mackenzie Deerin (vocals), Nick Masi (keyboards), Jim Weber (bass), Joe Scalzo (drums), and Danny Galasso, worship leader(vocals & guitar). The vision of the team is to create an atmosphere where every person present can engage the Lord through praise, worship, and adoration, believing that as He is exalted, He will manifest Himself as GOD, doing only what GOD can do.

Salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration are the norm for Him, and are to be expected and experienced by every believer who comes to Him. The goal of the UNFAILING LOVE WORSHIP TEAM is to make it easy for that to happen – for all those present to love and experience the UNFAILING LOVE of the LORD OF GLORY.

Stacy Deerin

Pastor Stacy Deerin met Jesus for the first time in 2000 during an amazing face-to-face encounter with Him, during which, He touched and healed her. Because she never knew this Jesus who had revealed Himself to her in this supernatural way, she began to seek Him wholeheartedly. She cried out every day to know and understand who He was — this man, this God, this Jesus, who had touched her so tenderly in the area of her need.

In 2001, Stacy had another, an even more powerful meeting with Jesus. These encounters with Jesus changed her life forever and she has never looked back. She began to study the Song of Songs, where the Holy Spirit began to teach her who she was in Christ and who He was to her — and to the entire body of Christ.

As a result of the hunger that was birthed in her, the cry of her heart has become, more Lord, more! Stacy has found that intimacy with Jesus Christ is the key to walking in the supernatural power of God. As she has continued to ask for more of Jesus every day, her life and ministry have been filled with the miraculous. She believes and walks according to the command that that Jesus gave to all of His disciples, “go into all the world and preach the gospel, heal the sick, cleanse the leaper, raise the dead, freely you have received, freely give.”

Unfailing Love Ministries was birthed in 2003 from the burning heart of Pastor Stacy Deerin, along with her husband, Bill. In 2008, the vision expanded to include a church, Unfailing Love Fellowship. Over the years, Stacy and Bill have witnessed God’s miraculous power in countless ways. They have experienced supernatural protection, favor, and abundant provision. God has healed, delivered and saved an abundance of souls. Stacy and Bill have even seen the mighty power of God raise one of their congregants from the dead! Stacy’s heart is to see the body of Christ walk daily in this kind of resurrection power!

Stacy and Bill have been head over heels in love and happily married for 17 years. They have 2 children, Mackenzie 16, and Billy 14.  All of the Deerins serve the Lord together in the ministry of Unfailing Love Fellowship.

Denise Loffredo

“The greatest moment in Denise Loffredo’s life was when she met the Lord personally in 1999. Little did she know, when she made that decision, to make Jesus the Lord of her entire life; that everything was about to change! This is when the Lord began to draw her and show her, the greatness of His love that He has for her. This love is the reason that she was able to lay down all her desires, hopes and dreams and follow after the Lord with all her heart, soul and might. She desires to share this great love of the Lord, with all those around her, as there are so many people that are searching for love and acceptance that cannot be found in this lost and dying world.”

Veronica Sorger

Veronica Sorger is the mother of Matt Sorger. When the Lord miraculously healed her of a life-threatening illness, it changed her life and the life of her family. After her healing, she devoted herself entirely to studying the word of God. Her teachings on grace and healing, which she’s imparted to her sons, contain much insight and wisdom. God’s hand on Veronica’s life was instrumental in fashioning young Matt, who in later years, ventured out into his calling and began Matt Sorger Ministries. As Matt began to travel, so did Veronica and husband Rich. Churches opening up their door to Matt were pleasantly surprised to see a loving ministry with such close family ties. The more she traveled the more she’s been sought after as a speaker, due to her deep understanding of the word and the compassion of her heart. With her anointed hugs of love, there are very few who seem to be as easily loved and appreciated as Veronica.